Bushra El-Turk


Les Chevaux de Bois for Voice and Piano

ComposerBushra El-Turk
Lyricist Paul Verlaine
PublisherBushra El-Turk
Genre Classical / Vocal music
Instrumentation Piano, Voice
Scored forSolo, Accompanying piano
Type of scorePiano-vocal score
Duration 4'0"
Difficulty Advanced
Year of composition 2006
Based on a poem by Paul Verlaine. The hobby-horse is the wooden horse of the merry-go-round. Those "chevaux de bois" to which Verlaine dedicates one of his most sinister poems, makes the roundabout a symbol of the obsessiveness with which men nail themselves to the cross of their own destinies, inspiring me to write a song that could have been a lullaby, hence predominantly in 6/8 which is marred by a representation of something hypnotic and demonic, especially picking up onto the waltz, a dance that traditionally goes round and round, which you often hear on carousels. .

Upload date: 23 Mar 2013